5 Reasons To Choose a Career in Nursing

If you’re looking to take the path into a new career, then nursing is a good pick. As a career, it’s one of those vocations which can be incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. 

But why pick a career in nursing? What’s the appeal of it? There are a couple of different reasons why nursing might be the career for you, and we’re going to look at some of those reasons. Let’s delve into what you need to know.

1. Flexible hours

A good thing about nursing is that there are some pretty flexible hours involved. See, the hours that you work can be designed to fit around your schedule, and you can have shifts that are anywhere from 4 hours to 12 hours. It means that you can work whenever is necessary for you, and you can do so in a way that supports your lifestyle. It’s pretty convenient. 

This makes nursing a good choice for people who are raising kids, have other family commitments, or need a flexible lifestyle.

2. Progression

Career progression within nursing is quite broad, so you can get access to the education that you want to advance your position. You don’t have to just stay as a primary nurse if you don’t want to.

With access to accelerated BSN programs, and the chance to diversify into a specialization, a nurse can actually become quite a qualified member of a hospital. This gives you quite a lot of options when it comes to the type of career that you want for yourself. 

3. High demand

If you were worried that your chosen career field wouldn’t have any job opportunities for you, this isn’t the case. Nurses are in demand all across the world, especially in the US. This means that you’ve got access to quite a few potential job offers. If you’ll qualify and are willing to learn, you can get a position pretty much anywhere because nurses remain a constant resource that there isn’t enough of.

This is especially prominent in the current time, when things like the coronavirus pandemic are upping the need for qualified nurses who are prepared to work on the front lines.

4. Plenty of fields and opportunities 

Being a registered nurse means that you have access to quite a few different types of job opportunities and locations. Nursing skills are transferable, so you can go in wherever you want to, and you’ve got access to multiple different areas within the hospital. You could work in accident & emergency, intensive care, the trauma center, pretty much wherever you wanted to. You’ve got plenty of choice, which means there’s good career mobility involved.

5. Leadership roles

You might think that being a nurse means that you’re going to be permanently stuck in a position of taking orders, but this isn’t always the case. Your typical nurse could actually rise to become the head of a ward with enough time and training, or they could even find themselves in a teaching position to pass on knowledge to future generations. If you’re not interested in working right there in the trenches, you could always take a backseat and explore other options. Nurses can easily become leaders in the field, but they have to be prepared to put the time and work in. 

The next steps

When it comes to nursing, it’s nice to know that you’ve got the options you need. Nursing really is one of those areas where you’ve got plenty of career diversity and progression. 

Nursing is a skill and career that is always in demand and offers a lot of different opportunities for success. There are quite a few options available, which is nice. When it comes to career progression, you have to think about where you want to be in five years or so. Because nursing is always in demand, and the skills are transferable, you can pretty much go wherever you want to work.

Nursing is a highly rewarding career, which you should definitely consider entering if you are looking for a challenge and you want to contribute meaningfully to your local community. There are nursing positions all across the world, and the skillset is highly transferable, meaning you can go wherever and do whatever it is you want to do, with a flexible schedule that fits in around your life. This makes nursing a highly popular and very easy to enjoy career, as well as one that is rapidly growing in popularity as time goes by.