A Comprehensive Guide: What You’ll Want to Know About Hemp Blunt Wraps

Cannabis enthusiasts know that there’s nothing quite like a premium blunt. Spliffs are spiffy, and joints are enjoyable, but the blunt is the classic OG way to smoke your herb. 

So if you’re going to be rolling blunts, then there are some things you’ll want to know. Namely, you should learn about hemp wraps. Hemp wraps can help you roll a slower burning blunt that’s more natural, tastes better, and may even get you a smidge higher.

To put it bluntly, (pun definitely intended) hemp wraps are probably the best blunt wrap option out there. They let you easily create a better blunt, period. In this helpful guide, we will talk about everything hemp wrap related. That way, you can try them for yourself and see the difference!

What Are Hemp Blunt Wraps, Anyway?

These premium blunt wraps are organic and better-tasting than alternative bleached paper wraps, tobacco laced wraps, or other similar blunt wrap options. Wraps made of hemp use premium hemp fibers to create a durable, slower burning, and thinner blunts. That’s right, stronger, AND thinner! How is this possible, you may ask? Well, we’ll cover that next.

A Bit About Hemp

In the same way that a blunt is the OG weed vehicle, hemp is like the original plant fiber material. Literally, people have been cultivating and using hemp for thousands of years. This is because it’s easy to grow, super strong, very durable, and flexible. In fact, it’s one of the strongest and most versatile fiber materials of all time! Have you ever seen or worn a hemp necklace? Did you notice the way the necklace got softer and softer before breaking? This is because until hemp fibers wear out, they bind together wonderfully.

Since hemp grows so quickly and in so many climates, it is super environmentally friendly. This makes hemp a great green alternative for your green. It tastes cleaner, burns slower, and holds together much better in a blunt paper. 

Finally, hemp comes from the same family of cannabis plants that smokable pot comes from. This means that it won’t mess with the flavor of your bud at all. Hemp also contains CBD naturally. Some hemp wraps have more CBD than others, so you can choose your ideal level of high.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hemp Blunt Wraps?

Now that you know what these wraps are and why hemp is amazing, we will talk about why this particular kind of blunt wrap is such an amazing option to try out. Hemp blunt wraps have a ton of benefits. We’ve listed out just some of them!

Hemp Blunt Wraps Are Healthier Than Certain Other Blunt Wrap Alternatives

These wraps are free of tobacco additives, nicotine, and wood-paper pulp. That makes them a healthier option than highly treated bleached paper wraps or nicotine-containing wraps.

They Taste Amazing and Enhance the Flavor of Your Bud.

Hemp paper tastes really good when you smoke it. It’s very slightly sweet, mild, and gentle. It really is subtle and will not mess with the flavor or your weed much. This makes it great for smokers who like the high they get from a blunt but not the icky paper flavor. Plus, these wraps come in the same great flavor that you can get in regular paper blunt wraps. The difference is that they don’t add that dry “bleachy” bitter paper taste.

Hemp is Great for the Environment and Easy to Grow and Cultivate.

Hemp is easy to grow, sustainable, and great for agriculture. This means when you buy and smoke wraps made of hemp, you’re supporting the environment. Go you!

These Wraps Offer You Thicker, Smoother, Slower Burning Smoke.

Hemp blunt wraps let you smoke at a nice slow pace. They also give you thick, clean, and smooth smoke. CBD infused hemp wraps can take your high to new heights. Natural CBD wraps are also available for a smooth mellow smoke that gives you a slightly different body high.

Hemp Wraps Are Easier To Roll/Twist a Blunt With

Since hemp paper is durable, hard to tear, and naturally a little more grippy, it’s way easier to roll with than other kinds of paper. So, if you are still trying to master your blunt craftsmanship and don’t want to use pre-rolled cones (there are hemp pre-rolls as well, by the way), a hemp blunt wrap can be really helpful.

How to Buy Hemp Blunt Wraps

Now that you know why hemp is great and what makes hemp blunt papers so awesome, let’s get into how you can buy them. We’ll tell you straight up, buying them online is the best way to go.

What’s Available As Far as Brands and Flavors?

Hemp blunt wraps come in all kinds of flavors. These days, most brands offer a hemp rolling paper or blunt wrap alternative of some kind. Zags Wraps have some great hemp options and RAW Brand hemp papers are also pretty awesome. Juicy Jay’s wraps also come with hemp variants and they offer a wide range of delicious flavors. For CBD infused wraps, High Hemps Herbal Wraps are the best. High Hemps Wraps are great because they come with natural CBD for a balance that’s not overwhelming. Plus, High Hemps Wraps come in a wide range of great flavors: Natural, Honey Pot Swirl, Hubba Bubba, Banana, Maui Mango, Lemonade, Grape Ape, Berry, and more.

Where Can You Buy Hemp Blunt Wraps For Yourself?

The easiest and most cost-effective way to buy premium hemp papers and blunt wraps is to shop online. This offers you a wider range of products, flavors, and brands. Plus, you can get better prices, discounts, and more.

How Do You Roll a Blunt With a Hemp Wrap?

Here’s how to roll a hemp paper blunt in 8 easy steps!

What You’ll Need:

Your favorite herb, a hemp wrap, a lighter, and a grinder.

Step 1:

Remove your wrap and filter tip from its package. Unwrap it and separate all packaging materials.

Step 2:

With your wrap open, fold it longways to make a crease.

Step 3:

Keep the wrap open and line up your filter in the middle of the crease. Make sure it’s even and flush with the end of your wrap.

Step 4:

Grind up your bud and put it in the crease. Make a weed pile/line along the crease and stop it at the filter.

Step 6:

Roll the wrap around itself and around your filter tip. Not too tight, but not too loose either.

Step 7:

Seal the wrap. This can be down with honey, a sugar paste, cannabis extract, or spit. Some wraps also come with a gummy sealer for easier wrapping.

Step 8:

Light that son-of-a-gun up and enjoy! You’ve earned it, after all.

Wrapping Everything Up

So there you go! Now you know why hemp is one of the best blunt wrap materials ever, what kinds of hemp paper wraps are out there, why these bad boys are so awesome, and where you can buy them! You even have learned how to roll a blunt with a hemp paper! 

Remember, buying online saves you money and offers you a better selection. We highly recommend the online shopping route for hemp wraps, paper, cones, and accessories. Happy smoking!